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welcome to my first site !! you can call me Daikon, Bunny, or Aaron :) im pretty sure i'll keep updating this for quite a while so just hang around maybe n explore a lil !! also if i end up not updating this for a while, im not dead i probably just forgot lol. it's kinda nice tho having a proper space on the web to do whatever with

-- about me !! --

i am a beginner coder and i'm always looking for any kind of advice or looking through source codes to see how other people make their sites !!! if you have any kind of constructive criticism or advice, feel free to message me on my instagram :). i had an introduction to it in my 8th grade computer science class and i remember it being pretty fun !! i also remember being either the first one or the only one to get a 100% on it (fun fact, the next assignment for that class was to make a little video game and i got a 0 on that which is kinda hilarious). anyways, here's the site that inspired me to pick up coding again !!


along with coding, i really like to draw, read, and play music !! i'll add stuff later to this paragraph with things about me but i'll do that later !!!!

in the mean time, here are a list of artists that i really like !!(i'll update this list to add more artists later on)

artists to support :)


happy d artist


here are a few of my hobbies !!:


gallery beware that this isn't finished !!


a lil bit of cooking :o

and making music :D

!! note: all doodles on this website are done by me and may or may not be temporary !!

also sorry that everything's a lil uneven right now qwq please bear with me